Fifth columnists were at it again.mischief and more mischief just to take some people to the cleaners.recently the social media is awash with pictures of late hajia Laila Dogonyoro whose name is synonymous with Jamiyyar matan arewa. The pictures were allegedly removed and dumped like garbage in bin.The trending stories suggests that current leadership of JMA under the pragmatic leadership of hajia Rabi saulawa ordered the clean up exercise.many commentators differed on the motive behind dumping the pictures, scattered around the JMA Secretariat.

In view of this, our correspondent visited the JMA headquarters on Dendo road in Kaduna metropolis, on fact finding mission. Though the visit was impromptu but the new president Rabi Musa Saulawa and other lieutenants were present monitoring developmental project at the secretariat.

When responding to questions on the said allegations ,Rabi Saulawa debunked the story, saying no picture of late Haj Laila was dumped in the bin or scattered as speculated on social media.

‘When we assumed leadership of JMA,we have been busy putting our offices and surrounding tidy.We had to sanitize the offices and surroundings as files and others items needed clean up. we didn’t dump pictures of our late Mother Hajiya laila Dogonyaro in the bin or unkempt but we brought them out cleaned them and took them back for safety and respect’ Said Saulawa

On arrival at the headquarters of JMA,massive renovation was taking place as the fence and the gate including the premises wearing new look. When asked Saulawa said glory of the past must be restored.

‘As you can see,since we came on board,we have been busy resuscitating the place in order to reawaken the legacies of our founding mothers late Hajiya laila dogon yaro,Mrs comfort Dikko,Mrs Helen Akilu,Bilewu Gobir,Jumai jimeta and the likes.JMA must be heard again and it will continue to be at the front championing the cause of womenfolk in the north as well as introducing programme that will help in raising the status of women,youth,orphans and less privileged in the society’

Saulawa also called on members to come together, bury the past and take JMA to a greater level.

The New President of JMA Rabi Saulawa assumed leadership through a keenly contested election that gave her egde over her opponent former minister of women affairs and youth development A’isha Isma’il with one vote on 7th December 2019.

Since then,Saulawaand and her lieutenants committed in uniting members for progress and development of the women umbrella body in northern Nigeria.